The Intersection of Education, Technology and the Law: Social Media, Data Privacy and Access to Learning

February 27, 2017

Co-sponsored by: Suspension Representation Project

Technology is changing every day and continually challenging school administrators in preK-12 and university settings. However, technology can also be useful for expanding education options. This panel event focused on the challenges but also the solutions for integrating technology into the education environment.

​Guide to event recording content:

  • Introductions of panel speakers and problems with tech and education 0:00:00 - 0:22:00

  • Social Media and its consequences 0:22:00 - 0:46:20

  • Digital and Media Literacy 0:46:20 - 1:06:00

  • Online Learning, MOOCs and Rigor--is it beneficial? 1:06:00 - 1:19:00 

  • Does technology change what it means to be a teacher? 1:06:00 - 1:33:50

  • Solutions 1:33:50 - end